Our Mission Statement

The Free Men is a group of liberty minded men and women whose shared goal consists of an America which embraces the ideas of individual liberty.  These ideas we share were born from the ideas of this nation’s Founding Fathers, as well as from other notable thinkers who through out the ages have trumpeted the virtues of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It has come to our realization that this nation has gotten off the tracks.  We have strayed away from the ideas and policies which made this country not only great, but also the country for which all others are measured.

Americans have been misled, not only by our elected officials, but by a media that has been disingenuous and dishonest. This combination has caused great harm, both to the country and to those individuals who inhabit it.  If this country is to be preserved as we currently know it, we must seek to educate and persuade those who may otherwise believe differently. 

To do this, we will embark on a media campaign which will rely on our newsletter as a way to funnel interested individuals to our website.  Within our website we will continually add editorials which better explain our beliefs.  In support of our arguments, we will also furnish the reader with facts and actual news, much of which you are not likely to get from the filtered media sources.

In closing, we hope that those who venture upon this website do so with and inquisitive and open mind, and leave the site more informed than when they arrived.   

~The Free Men and Women of thefreemen.org